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I love it here !!

We are one of the few day care centers in Queens to offer sibling discounts. We welcome children of all ages and are open 5 days a week.

The facility is 100% child proof.


  • Health Department of NY / Bureau of Daycare
  • NYC Department of Buildings
  • NYC Fire Department

We are sponsored by NYC Food Program - We provide ALL ORGANIC FOOD

Why choose us

There many day care centers in Queens. On Long Island, there are also quite a number of daycare centers, as well as in Brooklyn. If you search Google for "day care centers near me", you will find a lot of facilities. Child day care centers are abundant, but choosing a day care center is not a choice to be taken lightly.

Since there are many day care centers in Brooklyn and Queens, why choose Serena's Serenity Daycare ?. The most important question to ask is "will my child be safe?" Click on the button for security and see all of the precautions we have in place.

Take a look at day care center reviews and see that our parents LOVE us. That it the highest compliment we can receive.

The parent testimonies are the very best indicator. We encourage your questions about our facility...

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To provide a safe and nurturing home like environment to children where they will learn and grow. We are committed to providing a safe, high quality service for children. All children enrolled at Serena's Serenity Daycare are treated with love and respect and provided the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities. Our most fundamental objective is to provide for your child(ren) a safe, clean, and loving environment in which each child will feel that he/she is loved, valued, wanted, and safe.

In service since 2010 providing high quality care for families all over the Queens/Brooklyn area.

We don't hire strangers

Choosing the right staff is one of the most important decisions a daycare owner must make. We recognize that when you trust your child to us, you are also trusting our staff. At Serena Serenity Daycare, We Screen our applicants more than most. All of our staff are CPR and First Aid certified. We hire our staff based on a set of criteria. It is not an easy selection process.

This results in a mix of people that will serve your child. We have a Certified Teacher, Certified Nusre and Certified Assistants on staff. We do background checks and stay up-to-date on all of our employees. We have children, too, so trusting us and our staff is not something we take lightly. Question us on this when you call or visit.

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